21 November, 2008

Let's roll

Today plans for a blog on international initiatives have finally cristallized into a blogsite and a first blog item. From now on, this will be the spot where the different study programmes of the School of Social Work of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) will share their international projects, steps and ideas with anyone who is interested.
This launch today coincides with BLAID day: just a coincidence? Not really, sometimes you just need that little extra push to get going and that's what happened today.
With a sense of heightened awareness I spent this day recording "a day in my life" with an eye to sharing the pictures I am taking today with 5 other European partner schools in the BLAID project on flickr.com, in fact here is where you will soon find them.
This activity is part of a whole series of activities we have undertaken in the course of our Grundtvig project, subsidised by the EU.
For your information: BLAID stands for Blended Learning and Intercultural Dialogue. More info can be found here .