04 September, 2013

INVEST in Your Volunteers

That has become the title of a digital booklet that five European partners (from Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK) have been working on during the two-year run of the INVEST project. 
In a nutshell, the booklet outlines how to encourage and empower volunteers by creating special learning opportunities for them.
The focus of our European Grundtvig project was learning through volunteering. The main objective was to identify and apply different methods and tools for facilitating learning opportunities for volunteers and share the experiments and experiences among the wider European community involved in volunteering.
The rationale behind the booklet is: volunteers can be empowered by raising their awareness of the many competences and skills they are acquiring during their voluntary activities and by supporting them in identifying these skills as well as by providing other learning opportunities to them, such as workshops.
In order to support and encourage volunteers in their development 25 tools have been described and displayed in the booklet via a format. Among these there are also sample portfolios, as they provide unique opportunities to stimulate volunteers to reflect on their broad experiences and achievements and in this way get to grips with assessing their own capabilities, increasing their quality of life, connecting this to their ambitions and their level of commitment to learning from volunteering.
The booklet includes five chapters and four appendices with additional resources.

Here's it is :

Would you like to get a flavour of the project and see its many participants in action, why not have a look at this set of pictures on flickr.com  ?