27 March, 2012

Master students visit London

By special guest writer Anne Kooiman:

Here are the students of the Master programme in Urban Education visiting London South Bank University (14 - 16 March 2012) and discussing the consequences of the Big Society in both countries.
One of the courses in the master programme led the students to London to make an international comparison.

Here's programme manager and senior lecturer Mireille van den Berg talking about the Big Society in the Netherlands.

Off the beaten track, untouristic tours.... the master students also got some unexplored glimpses of the city by night, as perceived through the lens of the homeless.

An inspirational education blog

With the promise of an inspirational education blog I was lured to the EAIE website ... and yes this does have the potential to become an interesting site to add to my RSS feeds on international education.

The EAIE (European Association for International Education) is a non-profit, member-led organisation which serves as a centre for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalisation of higher education. For all those people actively involved in the internationalisation of their institutions it has a lot to offer, not least the stimulating annual conferences.
And now they've launched a blog, as part of their entirely new website. To reflect their expanding global presence in the international higher education arena they have given their site a spectacular facelift, they state, packed with a host of interactive features. This is definitely most welcome !
It's always good to have sites that keep track of the latest trends and offer insightful commentaries, especially with a topic like internationalisation. The fact is that for many involved in higher education, internationalisation is not core business, but something they do alongside, next to many other activities and responsibilities. For all those a one-stop site like this is a real boon.
Although I've never attended any of their training seminars or professional development courses, I've often been tempted to register for one. Who knows maybe one day I will attend ?
Those who have outspoken views and keep a close track on developments and trends in international higher education may feel the urge to write an essay as a response to an appeal on the blog.
* How will internationalisation evolve in the coming 25 years?
* What are the main challenges, opportunities and new manifestations of internationalisation emerging in the coming decades?
* What will be the role of European higher education in the global context?
Intriguing questions to think and write about indeed.
Let's see what visions for the future will come up !

21 March, 2012

Talking about families at risk

By special guest writer: Jet Houwers

Here you see 16 of our students of Pedagogical Work from Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences exchanging knowledge in a college of Social Work in Girona, Spain.
The students are talking about factors and indicators in risk- families. As you can see, they are enthusiastic and working very hard!

20 March, 2012

Prior to a study trip

Some of our students were already welcomed well in advance of their journey. A fantastic welcome video was sent to them from Serbia !
Enjoy this friendly, preparatory and informative introduction of their country and capital city Belgrade here:

Anyone would feel welcome after watching this !
Another example of a wonderful experience on a study trip as experienced by the year 2 students of Pedagogical Work.

On a study trip

A short visual impression here of the study trip by our pedagogical work students now visiting Girona and its university.
As you can see they are enjoying the lecture they are given in Girona.

This is the week that all the year 2 students of pedagogical work are abroad in order to learn how social work is done in other countries.

Much more is on the programme the coming days !