25 January, 2010

A kick off meeting in Palermo

Sitting in the sun, overlooking Mondello bay, with the murmuring water nearby, I’m (pen) writing the first draft of this blog post. A day of relaxation, dearly needed to “recuperate” after yesterday’s full meeting day. "Full" meaning first of all, full of information to absorb and process, and secondly, a full day's work, ending at 5.30 pm.
A new European project brought me to Palermo, Italy for the kick off meeting together with two of my CMV colleagues Hans and Eveline.
On Saturday January 23rd, at the Centre for Creative Development (CSC), Centro Danilo Dolci (where we were actually offered the real Italian “dolci” !) all the European partner organisations convened. We were also joined by two delegates from the Swiss Adult Learning Information Centre and later on by our external evaluator from the University of Palermo. We gathered to walk through all the details of the work ahead of us for the coming 24 months’ run of the project. Actually a little less, as we have lost some time over being accepted by the EU commission as a replacement for a Greek partner who dropped out, just when the project was about to start.
To educate is to make possible the discovery of life, EDDILI for short, is a multilateral Grundtvig project within the Lifelong Learning Programme framework of the EU. Some of the project objectives are: to share the reciprocal maieutic approach, a methodology developed by Danilo Dolci), to support adult learning staff to learn transversal knowledge, skills and attitudes through the use of the methodology and to increase the quality of adult learning.
Looking back on the first day, my head is full of impressions. Of the trainers and other coordinators involved, of the potential of the reciprocal maieutic approach method, of the opportunities to train adult learning staff, of the possible results and impact on our own CMV study programme and our students. But also of the positive working atmosphere with all the people of CSC and CESIE, the two Italian organizations that organised this kick off meeting, and the other project partners from Cyprus, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. And not to be forgotten our external evaluator who interestingly pointed out to us that Facebook could also be a good medium of collaboration and dissemination, especially when creating a network for the adult learning staff.
All in all, a wonderful starting day to the project !
Back home in the cold, minus 5 degrees, I'm uploading my pictures to flickr.com to add a visual dimension to this post.

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